The 75th Anniversary Yearbook Cover



On November 15th, 1934 the Good Fellowship Dartball League was founded.  Temporary Chairman Douglas Boyd signed off on the original charter.  The first official league game was played on December 3rd of that same year.  Some 76 years have passed since that day, and the league is still going strong. The 2009-2010 season saw over 130 players toe the line.   Although the game has not changed much over the years, the times and technology have. In an effort to keep up with such changes, September 4th, 2007 marked another key event: the Good Fellowship League took its first steps onto the internet.

On this site you'll find information about our league's top teams, top players and their achievements. 

We hope you will find the information enjoyable. After all, how many sports allow men in their golden years to play along side and against teenagers on an equal footing? For over 7 decades men from all walks of life have gathered together on Thursday evenings. The league has included teams from granges, churches, garages, sports clubs and schools ... and we're always looking for more players. Come help us keep this great tradition alive!

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